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Favorite Food Memories! Curated by Lynne Shlonsky

  • Mum's tea trolley by Sam Rudd

    Wilpshire, Lancashire, GB


    "Fave Memory"-My Mum loved to bake, when I was a child I can remember after tea she would wheel her orange trolley in from the kitchen which was full of cakes she'd made. Just thinking about her Viennese Swirls takes me right back to childhood. The colours are how I remember our house at the time.

  • Fave Memory: Tomato Soup and Grillies by Jamie Runnells

    Jacksonville, AL, US


    When I was home sick as a kid, I usually spent the day at my grandparents. I have fond memories of my grandma serving Campbell’s tomato soup, and grilled cheese—Velveta and white bread of course😝—and The Price Is Right (Bob Barker thank you) on tv mid-morning. Tomato soup and grilled cheese remains one of my favorite comfort foods, but I prefer homemade soup and gourmet cheese and bread these days!

  • food fave: Brown Cherry Betty by Mira Paradies



    This cake is a very fond memory of mine and it is also a local speciality from where I grew up, in the south west of Germany. I tried to translate its name „Kirschplotzer“ and I hope it conveys what it is: a juicy fruitiness combined with cloves and cinnamon that add a mysterious hint of christmas to the late spring season when cherries are abundant and everyone who owns a tree is trying to pack as many as possible into this wonderful recipe – I hope someone tries to bake it!

  • Fave Memory by Karen Bunting

    Bristol, Avon, GB


    Picture this, a warm summers day in my garden and the bees were buzzing. The sweet scent of tomatoes freshly picked from the greenhouse, beetroots dug up and peas popping out of their jackets. The colours were truly amazing. We were set for lunch, we just needed to add lettuce and Feta cheese! We laid the table, and added the daisy chains that we had been making across the centre.
    It was delicious.... until I noticed that I had half a caterpillar on my plate! We did laugh until our bellies hurt and I did join in after a while. Sorry caterpillar ....