Zoe Fox

Columbus, Ohio, US


I am currently an Illustration major at CCAD. I like to specialize in comics and tattoos. When I'm not working on art, I'm most likely spending time with my pet cat Sheldon or watching 90s sitcoms!


  • zoe@foxgirls.name

Recipes By Zoe Fox

Colcannon by Zoe Fox

Columbus, Ohio, US


Cabbage and mashed potatoes has always been a staple dish my family serves on St. Patrick's Day and in the winter to bring out our Irish heritage. I would always mix the two together and thought that I was the only one. While doing research for my digital assignment at Columbus College of Art and Design, I soon found out that I was in fact not the only one and that it had a name: colcannon! This recipe may not look the prettiest but it's a wonderful comfort food dish for those cold winter nights!