hyderabad, telangana, IN


Doodler by passion, home chef & gardener by interest. Designer by day...dreamer by night.

Branding & Visual Design specialist with 12+ years of work experience. I offer branding and visual design consulting to leading SMEs in India and US. I also facilitate creative thinking and visualisation workshops for organisations and educational institutions to help participants leverage design better in their work and life. Mother to a 6 year old, I believe in celebrating even the smallest of joys:)

Recipes By yathis1

Coastal Stew by yathis1

hyderabad, telangana, IN


This one's a heritage recipe-passed down from one generation to the next. Its 100% vegan and has no onions and garlic too, making it a perfect offering to Lord Ganesha during festivals and special occasions. It uses seasonal veggies making it even more wholesome and nutritious!