Tatjana Mai-wyss

clemson, sc, US


Tatjana Mai-Wyss was born in Switzerland. Growing up with her nose in a book, she always wanted to be the one to draw the pictures. As someone who likes to eat, she has long extended her crafty side into the kitchen where she likes to cook real food that's not too complicated and does not involve meat . Her kids proclaim: "friends, not food!"
Tatjana lives in sunny South Carolina, USA. She paints with watercolor and gouache on paper, adding detail and texture with collage and colored pencils.
Lately she has had a good time experimenting with papercuts, silhouettes and patterns, and making friends with her computer.


Recipes By Tatjana Mai-wyss

Banana Split Buffet by Tatjana Mai-wyss

clemson, sc, US


Birthday Bash