Stefz Stanly

Ernakulam, Kerala, IN


graphic designer


Recipes By Stefz Stanly

The Enchanted Bean Forest | Cool BEANS by Stefz Stanly

Ernakulam, Kerala, IN


Oh! It's been a long time since the magical spell fell upon a tiny little bean. The tiny bean was frightened and it hid into the mud. Little did the bean knew, that it was going to sprout a revelation.
As the years passed by a mysterious land flourished to an ever enchanting bean forest, sharing its roots all over the world creating wonders in cuisines.

Now we here, are the storytellers sharing our joy of cooking without knowing the beans ancient secret spell -
"Bean Oh Bean!
Tiny Oh Mighty!
Bloom and Rise,
Go make every bowl tasty!

The idea behind the illustration was to represent the beans within an enchanted forest were every space we look, we can find a bean in it.

The Girl Who Left The Town by Stefz Stanly

Ernakulam, Kerala, IN


"Fave Memory"

As a five-year-old who stepped into the new town, all I could see was the city lights that completely soaked me in. As years passed, Dubai seemed ever more enchanting. Nothing was more fascinating than the night beauty of the Arabian tale. The shimmer of the colors that lit the calm Creekside waters, cruise rides as a royal treat, the aromatic breeze of Arabic cuisine, the scented air of heritage culture, delights a roughly spend day.

I used to walk with my patents to the Creekside very often. The Heritage village nearby has these sweet goody snacks made by the local Arab ladies. Once, I happen to have these small round golden crunchy balls, an Arab sweet named 'Luqaimat' topped with a drizzle of sugar syrup. Ever since then it was no doubt I never wanted to leave Dubai.  There was nothing more to make me happy than gazing at the Creekside and enjoying my snack.
The very fact that I have to leave the town makes this place even more special.

A golden memory shared with a golden sweet treat.

The Nuttycoco Shake by Stefz Stanly

Ernakulam, Kerala, IN


The tale of the nutty peanuts making the yummy coco shake!