Soraya Poulin

Sion, Valais, CH


2nd year Bachelor student in Graphic Design / Illustration at Canvas School, Lausanne (Switzerland)

Having always appreciated the different techniques of drawing and painting, I realize series on various themes, from acrylic to charcoal to watercolor or colored pencil. My personal works are mainly focused on the figurative representation of landscapes, objects or portraits, often from photographs taken by myself.

Recipes By Soraya Poulin

Jägertee (Hunter's Tea) by Soraya Poulin

Sion, Valais, CH


Jägertee, also known as "Jagatee", is a typical Tyrolean (Austria) specialty that 19th century foresters, hunters and rangers used to drink.

Jägertee is a hot drink originally made with black tea, herbal extracts, fruit alcohol and the "Inländer" national rum.

Here is a variant recipe that is made with kirsch (cherry brandy) also popular in Alsace, France.

The illustration was drawn on paper with india ink, and digitally colorized on Adobe Photoshop.