Sonja Morris Illustration

Lisbon, Portugal, PT


I used to teach KG to High School Biology, Chemistry and Art. Every day in the classroom, I saw something wonderful and inspiring happen when children make stuff and learn stuff.

At the start of the term I used to get my young students to make piles of painted paper to use in collage projects to cut down on paint mess and clean up time. I started saving scraps of painted paper because the jewel bright colors and painterly textures were so lovely. Before I knew it I was creating my own painted paper collage illustrations!

I am a creative teacher and illustrator. Painted paper collage is my signature illustration style and color is my vibe! I cannot live without Royal Talens gouache, Pigma pens or Pinterest.

Recipes By Sonja Morris Illustration

Eat Your Greens by Sonja Morris Illustration

Lisbon, Portugal, PT


A fresh and colorful salad inspired by my hometown of Lisbon.