Sohan Kaur Khalsa

Austin, TX, US


As a creative Sohan pursues her passion for painting, illustration and calligraphy, creating a beautiful array of projects that you can glimpse in her portfolio and on instagram. You’ll find watercolor, egg tempera, acrylic and oil paintings with digital pieces and flowering calligraphy. With years of experience in graphic design, drawing, painting, illustration and calligraphy there’s potential to create something fun and functional for all projects.

Sohan’s background in art and design goes back to the mid 1990s when she took it upon herself to help family and friends with small designs for businesses. She also received her first paid design in those days, the payment, an ice cream sundae. Well, the design was for an ice cream cafe.

Come to think of it it might go back to the 1980s... she was probably born with a pen in hand. ;)

Always an avid artist Sohan pursued a BFA in Fine Arts with a minor in Art History at the Art Insititute of Boston at Lesley University. Graduating in 2006 Sohan went on to pursue other projects, returning back to design and the web in 2008. With training in HTML and CSS she likes to work with the WordPress platform to provide functional and easy to maintain websites for clients.

In addition to creative projects, Sohan also maintains the Living Light Blog at www.shinerightnow.com. She blogs about Kundalini Yoga and Reiki and shares free videos of Kundalini Yoga sets and meditations and using Reiki as a healing tool. as a multi-passionate healer, she also teaches Reiki and Kundalini Yoga in Austin, TX.

Recipes By Sohan Kaur Khalsa

Turnip bok choy soup3

Savory Turnip & Bok Choy, Chinese Spice Soup by Sohan Kaur Khalsa

Austin, TX, US


Cream of roasted turnip soup with bok choy and Chinese 5 spice powder. This delicious vegan and vegetarian soup is amazing! It can be rich and creamy. If you need creamier you can always add another can of coconut milk! We keep the spice mixture on hand and use to roast veggies and do other fun things as well. If you like eating local and seasonal you'll like this recipe too! Turnip and bok choy grow in the same season and local veggies make this even more amazing!