Baltimore, MD, US


Junior Illustration/Animation student at MICA who loves salty snacks and homemade bread! I would have to say my favorite cooking tool at the moment is my apple corer. It makes snack time so much easier than before! Truly life changing! I am a 'tra-digital" artist. My favorite mediums are watercolor and marker but Im always experimenting with a variety of art tools.

My instagram is @ScoutStewartStudio

Recipes By Scout

Nana's Broccoli Casserole by Scout

Baltimore, MD, US


My Nana always makes a delicious broccoli casserole for holiday dinners and she keeps the same old piece of paper with the recipe on it, so I decided to give it an upgrade! I kept her authentic script for the ingredients and steps but I illustrated everything else and hand lettered the title. Do you like broccoli? It is definitely one of my favorite vegetables! So yummy!