Patricia Robinson

Danville, California, US


My dad had a perfect little pair of watercolor paintings that he picked up at a local art fair. He loved to point out the subtle shift in the tones of the paint and how every inch of the painting had its own beauty. I alway thought that degree of control would be impossible for me to learn.

Then is 2014, I was assigned to try a simple still life in watercolor, and fell in love with the medium. I've been practicing my watercolor skills ever since, using watercolors with ink line, and alone, for people, buildings, urban sketches. But my favorite topics are trying to capture the glow and shadows of fruits, vegetables and flowers.

Recipes By Patricia Robinson

Blood Orange Asparagus by Patricia Robinson

Danville, California, US


One of my favorite easy, vegan recipes. I freeze blood orange juice so I can make this year round.