Nip Rogers

Lake Placid, New York, US


I've been illustrating for 30 years. My focus has been in Editorial Illustration. I like to incorporate hand-drawn portraiture, hand lettering and digital texturing in my pieces. I work in both traditional and digital mediums.
Choosing the life of an illustrator has given me a unique insight into life, I still enjoy it after so many years. When I'm not working on illustration projects, I keep my creative flow going through drawing in my sketchbooks, painting with acrylics, carving images into wooden surfaces, building constructs out of recycled material.


Recipes By Nip Rogers

Beans and Rice...Simple but sooo good! by Nip Rogers

Lake Placid, New York, US


I met and marriage my wife over 7 years ago and life has never been better for both of us. My favorite meal that she learned from her mother is her Beans on Rice recipe. The big secret that makes it taste so good is the coconut milk that she adds right at the end. Yum, so good, I always go back for seconds!