Nikhila Anil

Bangalore, Karnataka, IN


I believe that my work is an extension of myself and reflects the way I look at life .
I try to capture the beauty of the precious little moments, which otherwise slip away
in the tangle of our busy lives. I draw my inspiration from nature food and life.
I love adventure and find wonder in a variety of things. I bring all my inspirations
by the authentic dishes all over the world, cook and illustrate them.
I have a great apatite for art n food !


  • nikhila12ster@gmail.com

Recipes By Nikhila Anil

Halwa by Nikhila Anil

Bangalore, Karnataka, IN


This mouthwatering Halwa is an Indian dessert , made with loads of ghee, nuts and multi grains. So flavorful, guilt free dessert and best for children.