Nicolle Lalonde

Toronto, ON, CA


I am an illustrator who works and lives in the city of Toronto, in Canada. My inspirations to create include 19th century folk art, 1980's anime, midcentury children's books and Art Deco era magazines - and I love all things retro and kitsch. In my off time I enjoy reading, vegan cooking, spooky stories and exploring the outdoors.

Recipes By Nicolle Lalonde

Maple Beans, Eh? by Nicolle Lalonde

Toronto, ON, CA


Baked beans are one of my favourite comfort foods. In Eastern Canada, a traditional winter activity is to visit a "cabane à sucre", or sugar shack where they produce maple syrup. Part of the experience is a meal where foods like sausages, eggs, pancakes and baked beans are enjoyed in a communal setting! Traditionally, these beans are baked with lard but this recipe is vegetarian for all to enjoy!