Nelly Edwards

Newbury, Berkshire , GB


Hey 👋🏻 my name is Nelly, I am an artist from West Berkshire, UK. I create mostly in digital, with an extra fondness for riso brushes and digital paper collage, however I do also like to work with paint and textile too. I really love to think outside the box, I try to create new and unusual images that perhaps challenge the norm.

I love all things art and illustration and try to learn and grow as an artist as frequently as possible! This past year I decided to launch Crappy Art Club - an online club where no art is crap. This was a response to my young son’s teacher ripping up his artwork because it wasn’t ‘good enough’. I want to create a safe, happy space where people can make art for fun, without the pressure of worrying about being good enough or their artwork looking like it’s perfect. Crappy Art Club is a really joyful project which I’m loving so much, I hope in the future I can grow it into a club that I may be able to take on the road to schools and creative workshops.

My ultimate dream is to be the Quentin Blake to someone’s Roald Dahl, but isn’t that everyone’s dream! For now I’m just happy to see where this colourful pathway leads.

If you like my illustrations and would like to work together, or perhaps you’d like to connect for a chat, you can reach me through my website/Instagram or email, please just click on the links in the ‘connect’ section, I’d love to hear from you!

Recipes By Nelly Edwards

How to keep (your) cool by Nelly Edwards

Newbury, Berkshire , GB


It doesn’t have to be hot in order to feel like you need to be cool. Sometimes mentally (and physically) I like to keep cool. Right now we’re going through a heatwave, one way I like to keep my mind nice and cool is to lay with no clothes on under a threadbare vintage quilt have - it breathes beautifully! I put on my hangover mask (remember to keep it in the fridge all day before putting it on) and then put in my ear buds, press play on my favourite app, the Calm App, and listen to the singing birds or the cascading waterfalls and drift off into cool, relaxed oblivion. Bliss...