Nancy Chalmers

Melbourne, Victoria, AU


Born in Australia – land of the Rainbow Serpent, the Dreamtime, rainforests, billabongs and coral reefs – in the rad 80s when Ken Done doona covers, Golden Gaytimes and Kylie Minogue were hot, I grew up to be a gypsy nomad travelling wherever the tropical breeze takes me. After 2 years travelling Asia, I’m home again and loving it. My ‘studio’ is a little country cottage nestled in the Alpine region, surrounded by snowy mountains, eucalyptus trees, kangaroos and plenty of cheeky kookaburras.

With a degree in Art History and Archaeology, I’m fascinated by the mythologies of ancient cultures, fairytales and legends, and often lose myself in nostalgic fantasies of the more recent past – the 60s, 70s and 80s. Yeah, I’m pretty nerdy.

Recipes By Nancy Chalmers

Korean Superfood Bowl by Nancy Chalmers

Melbourne, Victoria, AU


Now, with studies showing that the South Koreans are set to live longer than anyone else by 2030, the question is: is there something in the kimchi?