Monica Delgado

Sion, Valais, CH


Hi! I'm Monica Delgado an emerging illustrator and graphic designer based in Switzerland. I like to draw anything between the things that inspire my every day and beyond them. That is, I like drawing everyday things like food, fashion and animals but I always find the need to go beyond what I see and explore my thoughts through the fantastic and the unreal.

Recipes By Monica Delgado

Sobameshi by Monica Delgado

Sion, Valais, CH


This is part of a small collection of prints about Japanese food. I got inspired directly by the amazing blog of Shihoko, a born and raised Japanese native who is living in Australia at the moment.

Each art prints contains the link to the recipe page.

You can find all the recipes (and more!) at Shihoko’s website : https://www.chopstickchronicles.com/