Mary Kunz Goldman

Buffalo, NY, US


I am rediscovering my love for art after putting in over 10 years as the classical music critic for The Buffalo News, the daily paper of Buffalo, N.Y. It's a dream come true to join the community of They Draw and Cook because I have always admired the artists on this site. Besides my art obsession, I continue to be a big fan of classical music, and I am working on finishing up the authorized biography of the great American pianist Leonard Pennario.

Recipes By Mary Kunz Goldman

Peppermint liqueur

Peppermint Liqueur by Mary Kunz Goldman

Buffalo, NY, US


Easy to make, and goes down easy! Last Christmas, I couldn't find the peppermint vodka that I like, because our local distributor stopped carrying it. So I tried making my own. This recipe is fun and a great introduction to the art of making your own liqueurs. Cheers!