Maria Over

Munich, DE


I’m Maria, an artist, designer and creative. Mama of two wonderful and wild kids. Part Dutch, part Greek, now living in Munich, Germany.

Coming from a fine arts background with studies in painting, sculpture and digital art, my journey took me from Maastricht in the Netherlands via Konstfack in Stockholm, Sweden, the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in The Hague, NL, for my BFA, and then to New York University, where I earned a Master of Arts degree. I then spent a couple of years working digitally as a designer and art director, mostly doing web design and ID for big name agencies in NYC.
After a move back to Europe and more years of digital work, my desire to combine on-screen with off-screen work, grew, and I created my one-of-a-kind indígena jewelry that has grown to sell online and in several boutiques across Germany.

In the past years, the pull to work even more using my hands again grew stronger, and I immersed myself in drawing and painting.
It is the kind of work that I have always been most passionate about, but it’s enriched with the wealth of knowledge and experience that I have gathered across the fields of art and design over the years.
I now love:
- illustrating on paper with watercolors, inks and gouache, obsessing about details and composition.
- the challenge of working BIG on shop windows and murals, using generous brushstrokes and bold colors.
- pouring my heart and soul into children’s books illustrations and make stories come to life with my art.
- exploring surface pattern and stationery designs with lush watercolor florals.

I believe in following my own path, my passions and my heart, in setting the rules that allow me to grow and thrive as an artist:
keep learning, explore new paths, grow through practice, work hard, and share generously.

Recipes By Maria Over

Wild Rose & Elderflower Jelly by Maria Over

Munich, DE


I can't wait for May when the fragrance of elderflowers lies in the air and the wild roses begin to bloom! You know Spring has come, and it's time for this deliciously pink jelly made of wild rose petals and elderflowers. A big family favorite!

Quick Beetroot Salad by Maria Over

Munich, DE


This is an easy and quick beetroot salad I like to make for myself. So yummy and looking like summer!