Des Moines, Iowa, US


Sadagat Aliyeva is an Azeri-American freelance illustrator-author, based in Des Moines, Iowa. She enjoys wandering through the magical streets of her inner world and sharing her authentic experiences in the forms of poetry, fairytale like stories, and whimsical illustrations. She’s one of the pioneers of Bicultural Iowa Writers’ Fellowship and her stories, poetry, and illustrations have been published in the anthologies, “We The Interwoven” and “Spark.”


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Recipes By madebysadagat

Qutab- herbs filled flat bread. by madebysadagat

Des Moines, Iowa, US


Qutab is one of the most loved dishes in Azerbaijan. There are wide variety of qutabs. You can make it with meat, squash, potatoes, etc. My favorite one is greens/herbs filled one. You can add as many herbs/greens as you wish to the filling. The vast variety of the herbs make qutab ever delicious. It's favorable dish to make on spring and summer seasons when there are abundance of greens. When I was a child I lived in a small village on the shore of the Caspian see. My family grew most of our produce in our yard. If you walked through the streets of the village during summer afternoons, you could smell delicious aroma of qutab in every neighborhood.
The smell of qutab, whenever I prepare it, always takes me back to my childhood. Hope you too will make and enjoy this recipe.