Lydia Hess

Portland , Oregon , US


Loving the sacred in the ordinary, Lydia looks to the natural world and iconic symbol for inspiration in her artwork. She has worked for magazines, design firms, and publishers as well as her own company. Her illustrations have been widely published and collected. Her work has appeared in coloring books for adults, trade books, editorial magazines, calendars and greeting cards. Her medium of choice is carved clay-board - but likes to mix it up with digital montage and printmaking pizzaz. She is the Senior Art Director / Image Editor and product developer at Amber Lotus Publishing. She is the author of 5 books in the Coloring Books for the Soul series published by HarperCollins.

Recipes By Lydia Hess

The Great Northern Bean - from field to pot... by Lydia Hess

Portland , Oregon , US


The Great Northern bean soup was always my father's favorite. I think it reminded him of his midwestern roots. I wanted to share this recipe (modified as a vegetarian version) and honor the farmers and that grow our food and the story of where it comes from. This scene harkens to those sweeping fields of beans grown in the heartland of America.