Liz Taylor

Phoenix, Arizona, US


I'm an artist and illustrator who took the scenic route by studying design and architecture first. The good news is that my experience in design is what helped me fall in love with a clean aesthetic and midcentury art, design and illustration. I'm an introvert, a chronic doodler and still add to the sticker collection that I started in the early 80's. I reside in Phoenix, AZ with my husband and two neurologically diverse children. I spend my free time teaching art, reading biographies and raising creative kids.

Recipes By Liz Taylor

Beans 'N Wieners Waikiki by Liz Taylor

Phoenix, Arizona, US


Kitschy, I know, but this is the recipe that reminds me of being a kid. We had a limited rotation of meals when I was growing up as my mom wasn’t much of a cook and relied heavily on simple recipes she pulled from magazines. Beans ’N Wieners Waikiki was one of those recipes. My sisters and I would always be excited when it was bubbling in the oven. It was a fun meal and a departure from much of what we ate, such as liver and corned beef. This is the kind of meal that harkens back to a different time and it is always a crowd-pleaser, particularly with kids. It is the first dish that comes to mind when I think of beans, in this case, navy beans. This sweet and simple dish will always have a special place in my heart, and I hope my illustration expresses the joy of childhood that it evokes in my memories.