Karen Ennis

Timberville, Virginia, US


Karen has been drawing ever since she can remember. She taught K-8 art for 9 years and now she’s a stay at home mom who is always trying to fit art into her kids days. She loves lettering, color work, drawing, linocuts, knitting, sewing and making art with her kids. Her art has been featured in Brown Goose Poetry. She sells linocut art work under the name bleeding hearts workshop.

Recipes By Karen Ennis

Pink Rice by Karen Ennis

Timberville, Virginia, US


This is a recipe that I made during being quarantined. I was trying not to go to the grocery store and also trying to impress my children with a playful but delicious rice dish. The juice from the beets makes the rice a super vibrant magenta pink color. I felt like an awesome mom because I made a fun meal that the kids actually ate.