Julie Prescesky

Montreal, Quebec, CA


I'm a visual creature. My educational history is in Fine Arts, but even prior to that I had always been an artist at heart. At age 3, I drew a bunny and won a drawing contest in my very small countryside community. Ha! That tickled me and set my heart ablaze. Forever after, I have been shamelessly captivated by the pursuit of art.

I love working with my hands, creating, shaping, constructing and deconstructing.

I'm also incredibly practical ... you know, good head on my shoulders, and all of that. Humour has rescued me on countless occasions and I'm a cup is half full kind of gal. People amaze me in the most mundane ways - that's usually where the funny is.

I'm an illustrator, designer, writer, mixed media artist and educator.

Recipes By Julie Prescesky

Smoothie Add-ins by Julie Prescesky

Montreal, Quebec, CA


Drawings of some of my favorite smoothie add-ins. I'm a particularly big fan of mint and cocoa.

Green Smoothies by Julie Prescesky

Montreal, Quebec, CA


Find more illustrated smoothie recipes at http://www.designinkarnation.com/p/illustrations.html.