jia dong Lin

Recipes By jia dong Lin

Clams with Wine-Cooking by jia dong Lin


step1: Fry the gingers, garlics, and some chilis.

step2: Put clams and a cup of rice wine, and cook to boiling. Then add some basils, finish!

Pickled Radishes by jia dong Lin


Step1: Peel and Slice radishes.
Step2: Mix dishes and salt, then put into refrigeration for 2-3 days until producing salty water.
Step3: drain away salty water, then mix sugar rice wine, and vinegar into the radishes. It can be eat until putting into refrigeration for 2-3 days.

Decoction King Oyster Mushroom with Sesame Oil by jia dong Lin


Step1: prepare King Oyster Mushrooms, gingers, and rice wine.

Step2: decot King Oyster Mushrooms without water and oil until produce water.

Step3: pour one spoonful of rice wine and salt, then cooking for a while. Finish!