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Sneaky Beans by jennypaintswithpixels

Olympia, WA, US


Convincing a toddler to try new foods can be tough, especially beans! Kids are naturally quite suspicious of foods based on color, texture and smell.

To get the right amount of nutrition into my kids diet, I’ve learned to be a bit sneaky about it. And luckily when it comes to beans, they blend into any meal and no one will be the wiser. That’s why my favorite family bean recipe is chocolate black bean cookies. My kids gobble them up without realizing (or caring) about all the nutritious goodness in them!

Our favorite black bean cookie recipe is by “A couple of cooks”. It uses canned black beans, which makes it totally easy for a busy mom!

There’s nothing more satisfying then when your kids eat something “good” for them. Yay, for beans!!