Felicia Liang

Brooklyn, NY, US


Felicia Liang is a Brooklyn-based artist whose works celebrate identity and the power of visual storytelling. She uses her art to connect with others, to prompt introspection, and to highlight cultures and ideas not commonly found in mainstream media.

Recipes By Felicia Liang

Sweet Beans by Felicia Liang

Brooklyn, NY, US


I grew up eating beans as desserts, and they remain my favorite kind of sweets to this day. Adzuki and mung beans were always served as soups, or made into a sweet paste and stuffed into mochi (daifuku), pancake batter (taiyaki), or a flaky pastry (hopia). Soybeans were made into soy milk, and turned into a savory soybean soup (doujiang) or a sweet tofu pudding (douhua). One of my favorite desserts of all time is shaved ice (baobing) with as many toppings possible, including adzuki beans, mung beans, kidney beans, tofu pudding, boba, and a scoop of red bean ice cream, which are all then drizzled with condensed milk.