Emily Dubious

Wolverhampton, GB


An amateur illustrator getting started in the big wide beautiful world of food illustration. More to follow.


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Recipes By Emily Dubious

10 Steps Or Less - Cauliflower Curry by Emily Dubious

Wolverhampton, GB


I get a veg box delivered most weeks. It started as a way of encouraging me to eat more veg and has become a creative outlet both in and out of the kitchen.

It forces me to use vegetables I probably wouldn't buy myself. I was never a huge fan of cauliflower unless it was smothered in cheese sauce. However it kept coming in the boxes, and would just loiter in the fridge... so I had to find a way of using it.

This curry is an adaptation of one from a Sainsbury's magazine. It's delicious, it uses a lot of cauliflower, it's simple and (bonus) it's vegan. It's brilliant for big parties because you can just make a huge pot of it, it's not overly spicy and avoids the most common allergens.

The 10 Steps or Less recipe series is something I'm working on part time, but this was the first one I made entirely on the iPad rather than doing the lineart by hand.

10 Steps Or Less - Black Bean Quesadillas by Emily Dubious

Wolverhampton, GB


No one likes reading an essay while cooking! And for me the measurements were always more like guidelines, so I created this recipe format, for like-minded chaotic cooks.

Homely, filling, scrumptious and MESSY! Not a recipe for those who cringe from dripping food and chaotic kitchen counters. Best devoured asap after cooking!

Something my Dad used to throw together for me when I was a kid (though with about 12x the amount of cheese). I've revived it as a staple lunch in my adult life... but it's never quite as good as his...