Ella Lama

Manila, PH


My name is Ella Lama and I am an illustrator based in Manila, Philippines. My specializations are digital illustration and lettering, but I also work with traditional media (mostly ink and gouache).

My work has appeared in local publications such as Katha Magazine, Working Mom, Real Living, The ABC's of Hand Lettering, and 1,001 Stickers for Kids. I have also done large-scale mural work for government agencies (Nayong Pilipino and Design Week Philippines) and commercial clients. When not busy with commissions, I design and sell my own line of stationery products.

If I am not at home playing with my art materials, I am usually in one of two places: at a bookstore hunting down new books to read, or in a café sketching my ideas on paper. I am a big fan of milk tea, and I listen to one song on loop whenever I'm working.

Recipes By Ella Lama

Ella lama rainbow time for tea

Time for Tea - Eat the Rainbow by Ella Lama

Manila, PH


This is my entry to the first HandPicked Challenge, Eat the Rainbow. Instead of going the usual route of drawing fruits and veggies, I opted to illustrate another colorful and healthy group—teas! As an avid tea drinker, I really had fun doing research and illustrating the herbs, spices, and fruits that make up my favorite tea blends.