Elaine Collins Designs

Leicester, Leicestershire, GB



I love to create designs and illustrations for books, stationary/greeting cards/gift wrapping sector, home-ware, interiors and soft furnishings, fashion, product design and anything else I have missed!

I am a Free-lance Surface Pattern designer, Illustrator and Artist who welcomes commissions and licence work.Elaine Collins Designs was created in 2015  providing unique fresh designs to the design/art Industry.  I have a BA (Hons) Degree in Art & Design, and I am also a qualified Interior Designer and an accredited Art Therapist.

It doesn't matter where I am, design concepts just pop into my head as I walk along the street, take a country path on a lazy hazy afternoon in any season, or visit a place in the U.K. or abroad, life is my design world, I find inspiration everywhere! and I will get my sketchbook to initially place it down on paper or take a photo to create my first illustrations and the beginnings of my journey to creating a new design or illustration starts, in my home studio I enhance it with finer drawings, paint, collage, print, graphic pens, charcoal, ink or digital software and see the design emerge before my eyes. My designing is organic in it's journey, a focal point/idea/object 'speaks' to me in how it wants to be portrayed as a pattern/illustration or image within the briefs expectations.  

Recently I have also appeared in 'MOYO' Design Magazine (Sept/Oct 2016) and was the winner of the ABSPD 'Eco-Active' Category Winner in the Summer of 2015. 

I hope you enjoy cooking as well as enjoy my illustrated recipes, I would love to hear your feedback...did you see what I did there ? :0) FEED...back! enjoy!

Elaine :0)

Recipes By Elaine Collins Designs

Harvest Roast Vegetable Salad by Elaine Collins Designs

Leicester, Leicestershire, GB


Seasonal, colourful, nutritional warm Salad in Jewel colours, simple to make and packed with goodness to warm you up on a Autumn/Fall day! Vegan, Vegetarian and Dairy Free! it is great as a lunch or side dish for the main meal of the day. Enjoy!