Carlotta Gasparini

Bergamo, BG, IT


I'm a nice mix of a traveller, a super energetic girl, a graphic designer and an always-dreaming-to-be an illustrator.

I've studied visual communication design at uni in Milan, I've set off for travelling and lived in Australia two years. Once back in Italy I've worked as graphic designer and while always enjoying it I also got a bit fed up of the computer and so I've pushed myself into watercolours and illustration. Last year I've worked for a company that was designing products for fashion and loved it when it came to designing patterns. I'll like to do that now more and more!
I'd also like to explore more the world, geographically and culturally. I'm always engaging myself in new projects and trying new stuffs. Whatever is connected to experimenting with the hand is just calling me!
I'm back for a big trip in South America and I'm ready and excited to go back to work!


Recipes By Carlotta Gasparini

Eat travel and collect by Carlotta Gasparini

Bergamo, BG, IT


I firstly designed this image about food during a workshop and I just love how it expanded to mail word, travels, collection and vintage!