Anne Kostecki

O'Fallon, Missouri, US


Anne Kostecki has been creating things since she was a young child. She particularly loves to draw, paint, and create designs digitally with the Adobe Suite. She graduated from Washington University in St. Louis with a BFA in Communication Design and a minor in English Literature. After gaining experience working with design agencies, freelancers, in-house agencies, small companies and nonprofits, she is happy to say she is a full time freelancer herself.

Anne loves travel, and has visited over 20 countries and counting.

Recipes By Anne Kostecki

Toasted Ravioli by Anne Kostecki

O'Fallon, Missouri, US


(FAVE MEMORY) Toasted ravioli was the food of my childhood. A St. Louis tradition, I had no idea it was an unusual food until I traveled outside of Missouri and saw the puzzled look on peoples' faces when I mentioned toasted ravioli. I remember my aunt always serving them for my cousin's birthday parties, cook outs, and other events, and all of my cousins and I gathering around the table to dip them in marinara sauce and greedily eat them. My mother used to heat them in the oven for me when I had a late night and needed a quick dinner, and they would always accompany dinner on homemade pizza night. There are many ways to do toasted ravioli - with beef, cheese, vegetables, or even mushrooms - and they are all special and tasty in their own way. Toasted ravioli will always remind me of my home, St. Louis, and all of its quirky food traditions.