Anne Gregory

sugar land, texas, US


I grew up in the Catskill Mountains in New York where there were more cows than people. I walked barefoot on that soft green mountain moss whenever I could, always stopping to smell the forget-me-nots. In memory of those days, I still collect twigs, toadstools, and moss. Wildflowers bring me to my knees. I'm obsessed with lettering and collect ampersands. Thrift shops are a magical playground for creative inspiration. Sometimes I pretend to be a gourmet chef so I can play with creative garnishes & colorful plating. I earned my degree in Graphic Design and then spent several handfuls of years in the corporate world in marketing, product development & investor relations. I am grateful to my husband who encourages me to focus totally on my art now (but thankfully he also loves my cooking.)


  • agregoryartist@gmail.com

Recipes By Anne Gregory

Vegetable Casserole by Anne Gregory

sugar land, texas, US


Rooting for Root Veg!