Anne Cote

Gatineau, Quebec, CA


Anne Côté is an illustrator, graphic designer. She have teach graphic design and illustration in South America Colombia and in Canada.
With over 25 years of experience in the world of graphic design and illustrations, she also licenses her artwork to companies across the world since 2012.

She used to make illustrations for children’s books, was a member of “L’association des illustrateurs et illustratrices du Quebec” and has completed an entrepreneurship program in 2013. In 2015 She was co-founders of Le Petit Pop UP a gift shop of handmade products to promote and help artist in her community.

She still new in the Art of Business of Surface Pattern and since she re-discovered her little voice inside her...the voice of color, shape, colourful & original design and unique.

Recipes By Anne Cote


Tuna and dark red kidney beans,SALAD by Anne Cote

Gatineau, Quebec, CA


Created for Folio Focus.

I love this Tuna salad a lot my body fell good and heaIthy. Really easy to make in a large bowl, mix All Ingredients and Enjoy your healthy Salad !

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Tomatosoupl anne cote

Tomato & Basil Soup by Anne Cote

Gatineau, Quebec, CA


*with FolioFocus
This recipe is delicious with homemade garlic croutons and fresh parmesan on soup served in a bowl. Decorated the plates with a basilica leaf.

The illustration was made by gouache and digitaly. I hope my illustration make you dream and fell the warm of the Tomato soup!

Parfait aux bananes

Le parfait aux bananes (Perfect Banana) by Anne Cote

Gatineau, Quebec, CA


It is the perfect quick desert to make. You just need one banana, Greek plain yogurt, maple syrup and fresh blackberries, Bingo! This mixture is just delicious. This double page illustration is a happy colourful fling! The text is purely decorative to fit the illustration.