Andrea Pena

Buckingham, Buckinghamshire, GB


I’m a designer and illustrator, who loves to portray my on cultural background, as well, as including other cultural diversities in my own handmade illustrations. The process of my little drawings starts for something that instantly connects with me, that begins to build up an imagen in my head, that starts to grow as a sketch on paper and finally becomes a finish illustration. Most of my work is carefully created by hand with ink, watercolour and gouache. It also can come as a digital piece of work.


  • andreapena2674@gmail.com
  • +44 7943699310

Recipes By Andrea Pena

The guardian of longed memories by Andrea Pena

Buckingham, Buckinghamshire, GB


Hand made illustration, I'm rememberying my feeling of pick up cherries when I was a child, I just to love to go to my grandaunt's house and picked the most delicious cherries, so my illustration has all the things and lovely family that were there.
This illustration is made by ink, water colours and gouache.