Alisa Krasnikova

St. Petersburg, RU


Alisa Krasnikova is a self-taught artist from St. Petersburg, Russia. She likes hot cocoa and dreaming up whimsical creatures and mysterious but cosy places from the world of secret doors, unexpected meetings, tea parties with talking foxes and long walks under the moon in late October.
For the purpose of bringing it all to life she makes illustrations, paintings and sometimes sculptures, linocuts and whatever seems like a fun way to create something. Also sometimes she makes great pies.

Recipes By Alisa Krasnikova

Meet the Rainbow Veggie Platter! by Alisa Krasnikova

St. Petersburg, RU


Vegetables are gorgeous and they need more appreciation of their beauty (and health benefits). Vegetable platter is a way to add more beneficial food to your diet with fun and ease. It’s so simple and in the same time not boring - you can choose veggies you like, you can pick a dip to accompany, you can eat it on its own or serve as a garnish. So I want to celebrate this magical dish!