Ronnie Walter

Cape Coral, Florida, US


Writer, illustrator and smart aleck Ronnie Walter has been licensing her words and pictures to lots of companies over lots of years. And she still has more ideas that there are hours in the day. Coffee and chocolate help that process along. She is also the author of License to Draw! all about the art licensing biz and Gruesome Greetings, a mystery novel set at one of the biggest art licensing trade shows of the year. Ronnie also coaches other artists through the ins and outs of the business, while helping them discover their most authentic vision and voice. She lives in sunny Florida with her delightful husband Jim Marcotte and Larry, a blue eyed rescued Catahoula hound.


Recipes By Ronnie Walter

Tdac rw lazyladychristmas

The Lazy Lady's Christmas Cookies by Ronnie Walter

Cape Coral, Florida, US


The easiest Christmas Cookie recipe ever invented illustrated by cartoonist, coach and all around cookie lover, Ronnie Walter.