Kristina Yu

Los Angeles, California, US


Kristina is a freelance illustrator and designer based in Los Angeles, CA. She re-discovered her love of illustration after a decade of working on mobile & desktop user interface design for a variety of start-up, consumer and enterprise clients. In addition to a few wonderful freelance client projects, she is currently working on illustrating a children's book. She particularly enjoys creating bright, colorful and cheery illustrations for projects that strive to bring joy and comfort to others.

Kristina is also the owner and creative director of Cheery Human Studios, a small shop dedicated to fun and whimsically illustrated stationery products.

Recipes By Kristina Yu

Pantry Pickings: Chicken Risotto by Kristina Yu

Los Angeles, California, US


Arborio rice has been easier for us to acquire during this time of quarantine versus white rice and/or brown rice. Because of this, we learned how to make Chicken Risotto! It was surprisingly simple with loads of patience and stirring endurance.