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What is this site?
They Draw & Cook (TDAC) was founded in 2010 and is the internet's largest collection of illustrated recipes created by artists from around the world.

Who are the founders of this site?
Nate Padavick and Salli S. Swindell are a brother/sister design and illustration team known as Studio SSS. They have created hundreds of magazine and book illustrations, thousands of greeting card designs, and, of course, many super tasty illustrated recipes!

About Salli
Salli lives in Hudson, Ohio with her husband and 4 cats. Her studio is exactly 10 steps from her kitchen making the morning commute extra easy. When Salli is not in her comfy and colorful studio she is out hiking one of the beautiful trails that make up Cleveland's Emerald Necklace. See Salli's personal portfolio.

About Nate
Nate lives near Union Square in New York City with his boyfriend Jim. He specializes in map illustration for magazines, companies, festivals, hotels, airlines, and universities. He loves to exercise, eat well, and take bike rides to the beach. See Nate's personal portolio.

About They Draw & Cook
They Draw & Cook (TDAC) is a big happy creative playground where creative people share their love of food and art through illustration. Here are some statistics behind the global reach of TDAC:
-Facebook, 256K+ followers
-Instagram, 84K+ followers
-Pinterest, 2K+ followers
-Newsletter, 10K+ subscribers

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How did They Draw & Cook begin?
In 2010 Nate and Salli came up with the idea of They Draw & Cook while on a family vacation. Nate was trying to recreate a favorite dish - fettucine with figs in a balsamic butter sauce - while Salli sat at the counter with her watercolors painting the crate of figs. This led them to realize how fun it was to illustrate food. They then started talking about creating a little recipe book for friends, family, and clients. They asked some of their artist pals to help, but never got enough recipes to justify printing a book, so Nate built a quick blog and Salli started to spread the word - it spread fast! TDAC now contains the biggest and best collection of illustrated recipes anywhere. The founding principle of this site is as true today as it was 10 years ago: to promote the careers of freelance illustrators.

Where does all this artwork come from?
The artists whose work you see in this website are a varied and talented bunch. Some of them are professional illustrators and practicing artists, while others are passionate doodlers and drawers, and a few have only recently begun to draw. A special thanks goes out to all them for joining in the fun and helping turn They Draw & Cook into a feast of inspiration!