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Little Bundles of YUM!

  • Global Cuisine : Cappelletti Romagnoli! by Lucia Calfapietra

    Paris, france, FR


    Cappelletti! Typical pasta from Emilia-Romagna, my home-region. In my family we used to make them all together for Christmas and cook them in broth, which is also the way I prefer to eat them! I need to learn how to make them in my own... Maybe it could be one of my new year resolutions!

  • Tuscan Tortellini Soup by Savanna Heishman

    Savannah, Georgia, US


    Tuscan Tortellini Soup is something that my mom makes at home a lot (though it is not a recipe she made up entirely on her own) and is always something that I look forward to when I'm home visiting from school. She makes it a little extra spicy which I love, and ALWAYS makes it in this huge, teal colored pot. If you haven't had it before, you should definitely try it now! For anyone who's curious, this design and type was all drawn and arranged by myself on Photoshop using a Wacom tablet.

  • Spinach Tortellini Soup by Shruti Prabhu

    Mumbai, Maharashtra, IN


    This is my favourite midweek recipe. As long as you have some frozen tortellinis on hand, you can make this within minutes. The ingredients can be easily found in your fridge. The chicken broth can be substituted with a vegetable broth. It will still taste great. I promise!

  • Tortellini with Brokkoli in delicious Cream Sauce by Kunst und Krempel

    Buxtehude, Lower Saxony, DE


    This is one of our family’s favorite dinner meals. Especially the kids love it.
    Cut the ham and onion into little dices and cook them in a about a tsp of butter until the onion is almost cooked through. Add cream and spices and let the sauce simmer until it starts to thicken. Cheese lovers can add freshly grated Parmesan cheese to the sauce - we sometimes do this when we’re feeling cheesy. While the sauce is simmering, take the broccoli apart, clean it and cook it for a few minutes. Drain it and set aside. It’s time to add the Tortellini to the sauce - please allow them to heat up. Now add the broccoli and stir gently. Enjoy!

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