Banana Strawberry Cashew Shake by Samarra Khaja

Banana Strawberry Cashew Shake<span class='title_artist'> by Samarra Khaja</span>
Banana Strawberry Cashew Shake by Samarra Khaja
Samarra Khaja
New York, New York
This is an absolute winner with kids, and with no dairy (hello vegan and lactose-intolerant folks!) and good pure ingredients, it's a crowd pleaser all around. Sure, it *says* it serves 4. But you know you could polish off more than your share once you've tried it. Yum, like ice cream! Woohoo! Enjoy! ***Samarra's recipe was 1 of 5 runner-ups in the 2012 Cooking for Kids Contest. Congratulations Samarra! Read more about the contest and all 6 winning recipes here:
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