Winners of the $7,000 Kraft Recipe Contest

NewsletterkraftOK everyone, first go look at the winners then come back and read what we have to say... They're great, aren't they? This contest brought out the best in so many illustrators - many of our frequent contributors submitted their best work yet and quite a few new contributors knocked our socks off. Over 170 recipes were submitted to this contest and Salli and I were blown away with the time, energy, creativity, emotion and talent that so many people poured into their artwork. Click here to see them all.

The recipes were judged by Kraft's Brand Managers and they were also totally impressed with all the artwork. Here is what they had to say.

Duke Zandstra, Brand Manager Kraft Natural Slices, said: “I was blown away by the range and quality of the creativity in the submissions. TDAC really brought our recipes to life in an incredibly inspiring way! The winning recipe drawings were all awesome expressions of creativity, our brand, and our recipes. They inspired me to want to go make a sandwich with Kraft Cheese!”

Robin Ross, Associate Director of Culinary Center of Excellence, said: "Judging was incredibly hard. There were so many beautiful entries and each was telling a story. I found myself spending a substantial amount of time “reading” and enjoying each one. Many of my top choices made it into the final selections but not all. The creativity and passion was evident in so many of the entries. At the end, it was a group decision that was based on the judging criteria outlined. The artwork was not only beautiful but it told a story (a food story/recipe) in a clear, concise manner. They communicated “delicious”—they moved me to action, I wanted to prepare/eat the recipe being depicted.”

And, about Kristin Jackson's illustration, David Gacom and Chris Hjorth from Kraft Singles said: "Kristin captured the essence of Kraft Singles perfectly with her recipe illustration of the All-American Bacon Cheeseburger! We love how she tapped into her childhood memories in a real and authentic way, while showcasing how Singles can really make your summer barbecue the best. In what was an incredibly difficult judging process, Kristin really shined and we cannot thank her enough!”


Little Stuffed Mushrooms by Unice Kim

File 11

$1,000 1st Prize Winners

Sunrise Skillet by Ella German

File 10

Cheesy Roasted Cauliflower by Samarra Khaja

File 9

All-American BBQ-Bacon Cheeseburgers by Kristin Jackson

File 8

Maui Luau Sandwich by Ingvard the Terrible

File 7

Muffaletta Panini by Alicia Jarchow

File 6

Congratulations to all the winners and a big fat thank you to all the artists who played along and made this a really fun contest!

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