The TDAC book available to pre-order - save 33%!

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We're super happy that the TDAC book is finally available for pre-ordering. The retail price will be $19.95, but the pre-order price is only $13.43 - that's a total bargain! Click here to reserve your copy at this low price (once the book is printed the pre-order price goes away!). 

Here is what the cover will look like, as well as just a sneak preview of 3 of the 107 marvelous recipes included: Marmalade Flapjacks by Matt Dawson,  Kim-Chi by James Gulliver Hancock, and Salsa Verde by Gennine Zlatkis. (See below)

The expected delivery date is October 4, 2011 (I know, I know, it's still so so far away!). It will be a hardcover, 224 pages, 8.3" wide x 6.2" high x 1" thick - a nice brick of a book! (I know what all my friends are getting for Christmas this year!)

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