CCAD Student Recipe & Map Contest!

Ccad 2line 186k ProcessBack in February Salli visited her alma mater, Columbus College of Art & Design, to share insights and stories about her career and to launch a student competition for both TDAC and TDAT. Let's just say WOW! The entries are spectacular! They range from sweet to funny to sentimental and are all very well-crafted and delicious! 

Christopher Ferranti, CEO of the amazing Flourish Agency, Inc. participated in the judging of the recipes. Christopher and his team at Flourish viewed every submission and could not believe the level of thought and talent that went into each piece. He felt every illustration was inspiring and was also extremely impressed by the level of design skill. Chrisopher was amazed at the inventiveness of the recipes themselves and the marrying of the visual with the recipe. Selecting the winners was not an easy, but not easy! 

Thanks to Stewart McKissick, Tam Peterson, Alice Frenz, Steve Botts and Walter King for using TDAC (and TDAT) as a platform for a class assignment and for the guidance they gave the students along the way. Christopher said he will be very busy cooking over the next few weeks because many of the recipes were so tantalizing...even right after eating lunch!

Below are the 3 winners (and 3 runner-ups) as well as a few words from Christopher about his selections! 

View all 50+ recipes created by CCAD students here and view the winners of the map contest on They Draw & Travel here.


Pasta Spa by Evan Thomas
Christopher says: "It breaks the boundary of a recipe in a good way! This is a fun info graphic, very useful and extremely funny."

File 8

Jacket Potatoes with Curried Cream Cheese and Grilled Tuna by Isuri Merenchi Hewage
Christopher says: "So very hip. Outstanding characters, style and color. AWESOME recipe."

Jacket Potatoes Isuri Mh

Shrimp Boil by Monica Cronin
Christopher says: "So well-designed. Great use of negative space. I'm cooking this over the weekend."

File 2


Cherry Cola Float by Samuel Veirs
Christopher says: "Smartly designed with a cool retro vibe. Love how it feels like a constellation."
File 13
Russian Bears by Alesha Williams
Christopher says: "Every single detail adds to the fun. Incredibly creative all around."

File 10

Kolacky by Sherlann Lewandowski
Christopher says: "The powdered sugar made us all smile! Beautiful interpretation of a classic traditional recipe."

File 5

Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all the students for a super yummy & inspirational batch of artwork!

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