The 2012 They Draw & Cook Recipe Calendar has 12 beautiful recipes illustrated by 12 wonderful artists. Scroll down to see all the pages.

The calendar is made of 12 ribbon-tied extra thick pages that are 17.5 x 7 inches. When the month is over you can cut out the recipe and keep it forever! 

2012 01

2012 02

2012 03

2012 04

2012 05

2012 06

2012 07

2012 08

2012 09

2012 10

2012 11

2012 12

A special thanks to the 12 TDAC Artists whose recipes appear in this calendar: Silvia Sponza, Madalina Andronic, Natalie Shenker, Kaitlyn McCane, Masako Kubo, Benjamin Bay, Jackie Mancuso, Katie Daugherty, Amy McKay, Yu Hsuan Huang, Miro Proferl and Talitha Shipman.

This calendar was printed by AM Lithography Corporation in Chicopee, Massachusetts. If you have a print job that is important to you, we highly recommend using these guys. They are smart, fast, inexpensive and they produce a very high quality product. Feel free to call or email Mark Kurtz and he will be happy to talk to you about your printing needs. (1-800-582-6605 or mkurtz@amlitho.com)